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PRINCE: In my neighborhood, the ice cream trucks play a wordless song.You can hear it from miles away, and you immediately start to salivate once it’s in your ears.PRINCE: I think the issues answer the question: Chapter One is this sort of existential horror thing with a handful of creepy-crawlies; Chapter Two is a pretty straightforward tragedy about two opioid addicts; Chapter Three is about a washed up rock singer (à la Bill Haley) finding a fantastical world in his basement, wherein he has to write the perfect song to save all of humanity.MATTER: The combination of the Ice Cream Man, the novelty truck with a serving window, and the jingle is usually depicted as a positive aspect of childhood.I knew I wanted to tell a bunch of different little ditties, all sad, about different people, with different laws of reality governing the narratives.But I think you need some sort of glue or connective tissue to justify doing a book like that as a monthly comic.Or, I dunno, maybe all of these things just live in a kind of harmonic order—the cheery, joy-bringing stuff, and the unfortunate sorrowful stuff, all as one.

MARTÍN MORAZZO: The Ice Cream Man and his truck were the only designs we made before having the final scripts! had a sharp idea of what he wanted: a handsome guy in his 40s, blonde with blue eyes, but, most importantly, he had to express goodness and trust! thought it would be great if we gave him and his truck a 1950s look, so there we went!

(September 26, 2017) The Rising Tide of Syphilis: Coming to a Patient Near You – commentary from Dr.

Gail Bolan, Division of STD Prevention Director, addresses the nationwide syphilis increases and the specific actions clinicians can take to make a difference.

As for the primary colors, here’s an actual transcript, verbatim, of a thing I have written down in my notebook: mix simple ideas—loneliness, horror, despair—into something more complex and magical.

(Just like you mix the three primary colors—blue, red, and yellow—into vivid greens and purples and oranges.) MATTER: Martín, can you tell us a bit about character design for the stories within ICE CREAM MAN? Did you design his look, or was it all in the script?

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(December 11, 2017) STD Prevention Allocation Consequences Estimator – A tool created for state and local sexually transmitted disease (STD) programs to estimate the impact of changes in their budgets.

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