Success stories about online dating

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Success stories about online dating

During their email conversation about the tickets, she noticed in Will's email signature a link to his graphic art and illustration website.

She complimented his work, which led to a Skype conversation where they discussed art and why she moved to New York. Cora waited for 50 minutes, and almost left, before Will arrived.

I tragically lost my husband after 25 years of marriage.

Cora and Will met on Craigslist, but not on the dating section — they found love on the "free stuff" section."I'd just moved to New York and didn't have any furniture. Will posted free movie tickets that he won online," says Cora.

“I realised for the first time that I didn't want him to leave, I enjoyed spending time together and having him around. She was at school, waiting for a photo processing to happen.

So I told him and he stayed." They quickly after began dating seriously. Six months after that, they got married at Brooklyn City Hall. Bored, and alone, she visited Omegle, a site similar to Chatroulette that connects strangers at random.

Plus, the parking space at her co-op on the Upper West Side helped seal the deal.

The couple have never been shy about explaining how they met.When he was 2 months old, they took him out for a road trip.George and Steve found each other on Craiglist's "men looking for men" section. George says of Steve: "He was very kind and gentle, good-looking and tall.They have a rich and active life full of family activities with their extended families, as well as group events through their temple.KJ is a shy, 25-year-old comic book artist living in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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Jack was struck by an image of Renee lighting a religious candle; faith is very important to both of them.