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Caroline taunts Maya about her inexperience leading to Rick hiring professionals to help train Maya.

While he wants to be Maya, Rick struggles with trying to let Caroline down easy and Maya pressures him to choose.

Not only did the reveal send shock waves through the soap genre, the story also made headlines in several mainstream media outlets including USA Today, People magazine and several LGBT publications.

Maya's presence on the typically conservative soap also allows for the introduction of her family, including her sister Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards), her parents, Vivienne Avant (Anna Maria Horsford) and Julius Avant (Obba Babatundé), and her half sister Sasha Thompson (Felisha Cooper) with the Avants becoming the first and only central African American family in the show's nearly 30-year history.

Fresh out of prison, Maya comes to Los Angeles in early 2013 to confront Dayzee Leigh (Kristolyn Lloyd) demanding to know where her baby is.

Maya finds comfort with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) which makes for an awkward first date at the Forrester mansion where Caroline makes sure to stake her claim on Rick.

Having learned that Carter and Maya spent the together, Rick questions her loyalty despite Maya's assurances that nothing happened.

Maya tries to reconcile with Rick only to find him with Caroline; Maya then ends the relationship and resigns from her modeling position at Forrester.

Maya is later hired by producer Rafael (Andy Zuno) to star opposite Carter as in his web series, Room 8.

However, the steamy romantic scenes lead the two developing chemistry.

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After successfully breaking up the couple, Rick and Maya settle into their cushy new life ruffling quite a few feathers along the way as Maya supports of Rick's ruthless business tactics.

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