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Chacachacare certainly was something which was really new for us and really getting into some of that adventure side of ghost investigating.

And the very fact that we were pushing ourselves to the limits in Trinidad was great for us to get out of that norm and really extend ourselves.

And I know it's not something we usually have a lot of experience with.

Barry Fitzgerald: Well I certainly agree with you, Kris.

And just - Joe Chin and Scott Tepperman had it the hardest. We're also dealing with animals that we're not familiar with.

Barry Fitzgerald: I think for us, as Kris has pointed out we have mixed opinions on it. I have no idea what the hell I've seen at the location. We do have the fourth generation camera, a low light full spectrum camera which is coming out now.

I think it would have been great from our perspective, outside of the show to go back, possibly, and investigate further. And as Kris has said, we have our differences in what possibly it could be. I'm still trying to figure it out because everything in me has always been a skeptic. Question: Barry, do you have any new investigative techniques or technologies that you're going to introduce this season? And it has been proving very critical for us on the investigations, especially in Castle Rising in England.

But both Trinidad and Tobago, and of course the other islands, are steeped in myth and superstition. And that vibrancy filters through into its legends and myths. I think the last few cases we've done have really made us all kind of think of think outside the box.

And it was really a remarkable experience for us all. And there's been a couple times we all are battling out - battling it out in a way, because it's so different than anything we're used to dealing with. Barry Fitzgerald: I think the next episodes coming up are going to make an impression on us as well.

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