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Master Card pulled out the following day, with a statement that said “Master Card has rules that prohibit our cards from being used for illegal or brand-damaging activities.” Visa followed suit a day later, with a statement saying “Visa’s rules prohibit our network from being used for illegal activity.” In fact, their actions went far beyond the reach of law.

Backpage is used in over 80 countries; because credit card companies’ reach is global, their cutting off service to the site affects sex workers worldwide, including those whose work is legal in their jurisdictions.

Sex work is criminalized in the US, but not all sex workers are criminalized equally.

Real solidarity is needed, especially from those at the higher end to those at the lower ones. Tagged as: American Express, anti-trafficking, anti-trafficking hypocrisy, anti-trafficking hysteria, Backpage, class, marginalization, Master Card, Money, poverty, Sheriff Tom Dart, the war on trafficking, Visa I think the Free Speech code is only for Australian sex workers.But Dart and his allies hadn’t been having much luck targeting Backpage, where many workers migrated after they could no longer advertise on Craigslist.Public shaming didn’t work, and attempts to shut down the site failed both legislatively and in the court system.Nor do these policies actually aid survivors of trafficking in the sex industry.Instead they often lead to survivors deported, detained, or struggling with open criminal records.

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This leaves Bitcoin and prepaid Vanilla Visa gift cards as the only ways to pay for advertising on the site.

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