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C." at Sharkeez Resturant on September 9, 2003 in Hermosa Beach, California.(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) Remember the beautiful friendships and relationships between Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer’s characters? ” (JJ Note: I didn’t laugh, so Ben told me I have no sense of humor! ” JJ: Does your character have any love connections yet? I’m not a huge gun guy, but carrying around a real Glock, even though it’s obviously unloaded, it’s pretty cool!

I don’t think I’ve seen Mischa [Barton] or Rachel since we wrapped. “We wrapped on Friday, and we were picked up on Monday,” he tells Lindhome.“They started building sets, and we were on the air in August … I didn’t know that during a lighting setup, after you rehearsed, that you can step out because the stand-ins will come in. The way I like to think of it is it kind of ended up being a bit of a graduate school in the sense of it was like four years.” And when Lindhome starts talking about creator Josh Schwartz, who was also in his 20s when the show began, Mc Kenzie admits, “We were all babies. JJ: If you could be a superhero, which one would you be? It’s going to date me a bit, but the old show used to be on reruns when I was growing up in Texas in the afternoons. I have a softspot for Adam West, but it’s cheesy as all heck. BM: I think that was a chapter in my life and I’m moving on. BM: Christian Bale is doing a pretty damn good job.

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became nothing short of a phenomenon, fans are still dying to know what went on behind the scenes. Was the set full of bagels, bikinis, and good times?