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However, Marie Kratz asserts that artificial intelligence also enables insurance fraud to be detected more easily.

For banks, the use of AI tools has already made inroads in combatting credit card fraud with the effects rippling on to the insurance companies who now consider cyber-risk as something to assure yourself against.

One of the aspects of using artificial intelligence that causes concern is that of cyber criminality.

It already exists, but the threat will grow with the increase in use of computers and robots. Kratz, the threat to reckon with is more a question of how management and decision-makers – with little perspective or understanding of the tool – will use it as an all-powerful black box to run their company and its offer.

Indeed, that is a whole issue in itself – how to correctly foresee the future.

Something, moreover, that neither man nor machine can yet do with any great accuracy.

Indeed, at higher and vocational education-level, diploma and degree programs for actuaries have already begun to include the data science field in their curriculums, although there is still some confusion over what distinction there is between data scientists and statistician – a sure sign that the field is in a period of transition. Kratz’s feeling is that while the definition and expectations attributed to professions within the insurance field will drastically change in the coming years, there will be no great reduction in jobs – in insurance or other service industries – while the added value of human work will be increasingly sought after.

However, the obvious risk is that, badly-programmed, a machine might generate information and issues faster than its human controller could contain them.The same approach, using satellite images, can be used to assess flood damage, thereby ensuring precision when calculating the damage to lands, crops and assets. Artificial intelligence can be used on a closer scale to home with Allianz, a leading insurance group, deciding to go ahead with a project to determine the amount of damages due from the photographs that will be taken on the site of the car accident.The Swiss company, AXA Winterthur, already proposes its younger policyholders a reduction in premiums if they accept to install a black box in their car that will faithfully record their driving habits, the data collected being used to better fix the price for the insurance protection offered.It is unlikely that the armies of insurance men will face either such a loss of employment or, thankfully, reprimand in the face of artificial intelligence. Kratz points out that human-machine interfaces will develop as much internally – regarding management – as externally, in terms of its customers.This would imply large-scale training initiatives for insurance company personnel with only repetitive, low value-added posts such as accounting and monitoring being done away with, not – it is worth noting – areas such as data interpreting and results.

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In that light, training initiatives for management must include the scientific and technical dimensions for the products or services they sell.