Cgi dating online script service

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Cgi dating online script service

Here is an example response from the script: Note that the status result was returned as a block that contains two string values.This indicates that two STATUS checkboxes were selected.

Note that the POST method is used to allow the input fields to be of any length.

If you are using the READ-CGI function suggested above, you can simply add a probe to its last line: Now, when you run the script, you'll see the "raw" CGI data at the top of your resulting web page.

(Note that some web browsers may not show it to you unless you view the HTML source to the page.) You can also save a lot of time by testing your scripts locally before uploading them to your web server.

For example, when a visitor navigates to allows visitors to leave comments and greetings.

You can configure it to allow visitors to add photos and preview their entries.

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This is done by adding the test input data to the last line of the READ-CGI function: If the DATA variable is none, then my test data is used.

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