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Calista flockhart dating history

Flockhart debuted on Broadway in 1994, as Laura in The Glass Menagerie.

The show was cancelled in May 2011 after running for five years.

In 2004, Flockhart appeared as Matthew Broderick's deranged girlfriend in The Last Shot.

In the same year, Flockhart travelled to Spain for the filming of Fragile, which premiered in September 2005 at the Venice Film Festival.

Later that year, Flockhart starred in Jane Doe as a drug addict.

In 1996, Flockhart appeared as the daughter of Dianne Wiest and Gene Hackman's characters in The Birdcage.

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Flockhart's character was significant throughout the series' first four years, but her appearances were reduced for the 2010–2011 season, coinciding with the departure of TV husband Rob Lowe.

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