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I’m still not 100% sure of Shuuichirou’s motives for doing everything he did, but I’m going to leave it as: he did some research on the virus, screwed a bunch of people over and probably isn’t the final boss.Hell, I didn’t even really classify him as someone worth remembering until this episode.Anyway, I suppose it was nice to learn where Shu came from and how Gai was pushed by his destiny to become Mana’s mate. I guess that works but it seems like every main character is somehow related to someone else like Haruka’s Shuuichirou’s sister just like Shu and Mana. I assume that episode is going to involve some dramatic showdown between Shu and Gai?And of course Mana who seems to be ready to take over Inori’s body any moment now.

is the first installment of Toei's Metal Hero Series.Will they actually explain things, or will they just leave them hanging…? It’s always satisfying when I can recognise a card’s artist without needing to look at the name. At this point in this series, I don’t think anyone cares too much about where the void powers originated from because we already know that! It sure feels that way to me, but I don’t think he is a big deal unless he turns out to be the true villain? And Haruka had some great things to say about Shu wanting to make friends, but there sure were lots of warm feelings through this episode.Didn’t we already get a history lesson with Gai, Shu and Mana? So, anyone have any ideas on how things will go down in episode twenty one? Anyway that last episode had some amazing stuff going on like Shu actually becoming a cool character… This time he is done being nice and tells everyone he will destroy the world on Christmas! This week, we start things off with Gai talking to the UN after he gave them several warnings about attacking him…

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…And now that this episode is over, I’m most likely going to forget about him again.

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